Matthew and I are super excited and feel soooo blessed to have been brought together by God (very 1st meeting was Matthew sitting behind me at Bridgeway Church) to build a life together, growing as one and honoring HIM!  We are excited for all the adventures that PAPPA has in store for us in this life to honor and glorify HIM.  One of our passions is to travel and explore the earth appreciating HIS amazing creativity and majesty.  Neither one of us have been to the Florida Keys, Miami, or the Carribbean together.  So we are using the opportunity of our honeymoon to build some amazing memories together one on one....and have the blessing from work to take the time to do so! :-) 

Since this is our 2nd wedding each, and we are fairly established with the traditional wedding gift items (pots, pans, housewares, etc.) we would rather have some help to make some amazing memories as we start our life together.  WE WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF IT!!!

You might be wondering how you would be a part of it other than a financial contribution?  

Great question!  

We believe in giving and giving back.  Therefore, whoever contributes to our memory filled honeymoon will receive a picture or two of us doing/enjoying your contribution.  We will text it to you or email it to you or post on your facebook or our facebook wedding page, etc. so that you can take pride and joy that what we are doing in building memories together was DIRECTLY BECAUSE OF YOU!!

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